Turkey slams Austria for closing mosques, expelling imams


Turkey on Friday slammed Austria over its decision to shut down seven mosques and expel 40 imams, Turkey’s Anadolu Agency reported.

In a written statement, the Foreign Ministry said it ‘regretted’ the Austrian move against the mosques and the decision to not grant residence permits to religious officials sent from Turkey to Austria.

“We condemn Austrian politicians, especially Chancellor Kurz, for trying to achieve political interest from these alarming developments, rather than fighting racism, Islamophobia and xenophobia and the rise of the extreme right,” it said.

“The ideological stance of the Austrian government is contrary to universal legal norms, social cohesion policies, minority law and the morality of living together. The normalisation and the banalisation of Islamophobia and racism must be rejected with certainty,” it added.

The statement also said Austria’s move also contributes to the rise of Islamophobia and racism in Europe…..


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