Sorry Tales Of Survivors Who Escaped Thursday’s Tanker Explosion

Sorry Tales Of Survivors Who Escaped Thursday's Tanker Explosion
Sorry Tales Of Survivors Who Escaped Thursday's Tanker Explosion

Thursday’s tanker explosion that killed nine persons and burnt 54 Vehicles will remain a day to forget in the minds of some of the survivors that narrowly escaped the accident.

A disaster that has caused many families great grief and sorrow as many of their loved ones who had gone out in search of their daily bread and returning back to their various homes met their ‘untimely’ death in the hands of tanker loaded with fuel.

Although there have been different versions on how the accident occurred on Thursday, however, it is important for the Lagos State Government to draw up another masterplan on how tankers loaded with fuel will be plying the states road in order to prevent another disaster that could be worse than this.

Below are the narrative of how some lucky survivors of the tanker explosion escaped from the scene.

Kenny Adenugba (shared on facebook)

“A few minutes delay saved me and my staff from the tragedy. I just flew back into town and went straight to the office and this was about six minutes to the accident.

“My staff just ran in to pick my things and said we must leave immediately as liquid fire was roaring towards the office and people were running scared on the street.

“What I witnessed yesterday (Thursday) was beyond words in its horrific dimensions,” he said.

He said he watched as a woman agonised over the loss of her twin sister to the incident.
“As they carried the one that survived, she was screaming ‘mo se’sin!’ (meaning, ‘I’m disgraced’),” he said.

He also said, “We helped drag another woman, her sickle cell daughter and her brother through the car window. Her new Toyota Camry, bags and money were burnt.

“The young boy kept crying that he saw a man come down from a car and get covered by fire as he tried to escape. I pray that he will recover from the horror that has been imprinted on his mind.”


“My escape was a miracle. Immediately the tanker fell, I thought of how to leave the area before it would catch fire. Then I saw some motorists running in my direction and I decided to join them. At that point, fire was spreading in our direction. I had to jump over the median to the other side of the road. I broke my knee in the process.

“A man who was on fire also jumped. In pain, I assisted him to put out the fire which was burning his shirt. He had minor burns. He called his wife with my phone because he said he forgot his in his car,” he added.

Adewale Adesanya

“I saw the content of the tanker spilling towards my vehicle with fire accompanying it. I left the vehicle and ran to the other side to avoid being caught in the inferno.”

Mrs . Funmi Balogun (posted the boy ’s picture on her Facebook page and other social media platforms)

“This boy in this picture is a three -year – old named Eyitayo . He was involved in the unfortunate tanker accident with his mother , twin sister and the driver at Otedola Bridge yesterday ( Thursday) evening .

“They were a few cars away from the tanker when the explosion occurred . The driver ( Mr . Joseph ) carried Eyitayo while the mother escaped with Eyitoke ( Eyitayo ’s twin ) .

“The whereabouts of Eyitayo and Mr . Joseph is still unknown as all attempts to trace them at the scene of the accident proved abortive .

By Augustine Akhilomen


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