Russian Embassy Urges US To Destroy Chemical Stockpile


Russia’s Embassy in Washington demanded Thursday that the United States destroy its chemical weapons and reveal what it knows about the notorious Novichok toxin, allegedly used in an attack on a Russian ex-spy in Salisbury.

The call was made a day after the US Department of State denied an accusation by a Russian general that US special operations forces were plotting a fake chemical attack in eastern Syria to frame the Syrian government.

“Even [the Department of State] cannot deny any CW [chemical weapons] provocation in Syria having the same scenario Let’s remind you about the loud exposure of the staged Douma ‘attack’. Reveal US ‘ Novichok ‘ files! Destroy your CW stockpiles!” the embassy tweeted.

The United States has several times postponed the destruction of its chemical weapons cache after initially vowing to get rid of it by 2007. The next deadline is in five years. Russia has destroyed some 40,000 tonnes of chemical agents between 2002 and 2017.


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