Nine-year-old-girl develops website, mobile app

Nine-year-old-girl develops website, mobile app
Nine-year-old-girl develops website, mobile app

A nine-year-old child and grade five pupil of Skycrest School Lagos, Miss Emmanuella Oziofu, has showcased her website,, and her mobile app, Emma’s ICT Academy.

The occasion was at Ladi Lawal Press Centre, Alausa, Ikeja.

Showcasing her website and mobile app to journalists, Oziofu said they were created to make the younger generation to develop interest and teach them about Information Communication Technology (ICT).

She said her mobile app is available for download on google play store.

According to her, “the purpose of the mobile app is to teach the younger generation like me on the ICT skills I’ve acquired, the app is free and adults can also download and use it as well.”

Oziofu, who possess uncommon intelligence and passionate about ICT, has diplomas in Desktop Publishing, Advance Excel, Adobe Page Maker, Advance Power Point and Corel Draw.

On her plans for the near future Oziofu said “My plans are to build some websites focusing on health, offer free ICT training for children my age on Saturdays, Sundays and during holidays.

“I ‘m also planning a boot camp for young people in the near future. My target was to become a professional web designer and analyst at age nine and I have accomplished it,” she said.

Oziofu said at the eight, she created three websites for her former school, Fortune Schools, Benin, Edo; had her own chat site and a personal website.

She disclosed further that she was on a quest to gain more knowledge about programming languages and artificial intelligence.

The Nation Online Editor, Mr Lekan Otufodurin, who was the chairman on the occasion, said young people should be given the necessary support to develop their talents to put the country in a positive light.

Otufodurin, who is also passionate about ICT, urged journalists to develop themselves and learn more about communication technology and multimedia skills to keep abreast of developments and at par with global trends.

He stressed the need for journalists to stop content providers from taking over the profession, adding that this was the only way they could remain relevant in the profession.


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