Mexico to Hold Largest Elections in Its History


Mexico will hold today the largest elections in its history, in which 89.1 million citizens are eligible to vote for 18,299 positions, including that of the President of the Republic.

Federal and state elections will decide the 500 seats of the Chamber of Deputies, 128 of the Senate, eight governors, the head of Mexico City´s government and its 16 delegations, state councils and thousands of municipal posts.

The National Electoral Institute (INE) said that the elections are armored against fraud and computer system collapse.

In turn, the National Autonomous University of Mexico endorsed, after auditing, the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP), which could give today, around midnight, data indicating the winning trends.

More than 700 media outlets are accredited to the INE, which have been urged by the Presiding Counselor, Lorenzo Cordova, to disclose official information and avoid giving false news.

Cordova exhorted the political parties and candidates to wait patiently for the results in order to maintain the country’s stability.

At 08:00 hours, center of Mexico, about 157,000 voting booths will be opened to close at 6:00 pm, although in entities such as Baja California and Sonora it will take place two hours later due to different time zones.

Only in Mexico City, 34,000 police officers will protect the elections, considered the most violent since they have been recorded.

During the election campaign more than 130 politicians were killed, including dozens of candidates. Some 5,000 postulates renounced their aspirations, mainly due to the insecurity prevailing in different regions of the country.

Since the beginning of the competition, the polls have favored Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia (Together We Will Make History), in his third attempt to the presidential post.

His adversaries are Ricardo Anaya for Mexico al Frente (Mexico to the Front), the government candidate Jose Antonio Meade, and the governor with license from Nuevo Leon state, Jaime Rodriguez, for the independent route.

A victory by Obrador -founder and leader of the National Regeneration Movement, the youngest of the parties with a national registry- will have an important impact at a regional and international level.

Mexico would be moving to the left, when on the continent right-wing governments are prevailin


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