Israel Joins Russia in Attacking ISIS in Golan

Israel Joins Russia in Attacking ISIS in Golan
Israel Joins Russia in Attacking ISIS in Golan

Russia’s Defense Ministry announced Thursday that dozens of ISIS members were killed and their rocket launchers destroyed in an Israeli strike on their bases in the Golan Heights a day earlier.

This is the first time Moscow reveals details about a military operation conducted by the Israeli army on Syrian territories.

“A precision strike by jets and Israeli artillery destroyed ISIS terrorists and their rocket launchers,” the Russian ministry said.

The announcement came following reports of Russian resentment after Israel shot down a Syrian Sukhoi fighter jet, which Damascus had said was conducting military operations against ISIS positions in the province of Quneitra.

Meanwhile, political and security leaders in Lebanon mobilized to hold talks with a visiting Russian diplomatic and military delegation in charge of following up the issue of the Syrian refugees.

The Russian delegation, headed by the Special Presidential Envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev, arrived in Beirut on Thursday.

The first outcome of his visit was the establishment of a specialized tripartite committee representing Lebanon, Syria and Russia to coordinate a plan for the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland through Syrian regime guarantee.


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