Iran Allows Women To Watch World Cup Match In Public


The Iranian authorities decided this week to allow women to watch the FIFA World Cup match between Iran and Spain in two local stadiums. The tournament is taking place in various cities across Russia.

Women were allowed to watch yesterday’s match in the second round of Group B games. Spain won 1-0 thanks to a lucky rebound off Diego Costa.

The move by the Iranian government follows after a wave of protests, both locally and internationally, against the football ban and other restrictions on Iranian women. However, according to the Iranian Students’’ News Agency (ISNA) , the permission to watch football in public was only valid for the match against Spain.

ISNA clarified further that Iranian women would be able to enter the Azadi and Takhti Stadiums in Tehran to watch the match, which was broadcast live on giant screens. This was the first time that Iranian women were allowed to enter Azadi Stadium since the 1979 Islamic Revolution


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