Herdsmen Attacks: Buhari’s Been Sentimental In His Security Approaches – Soyinka


Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka has demanded for an urgent security action on the continuous killings of innocent Nigerians in Plateau State by the fulani Herdsmen.

The group which claimed responsibility of the over 100 people that was killed in Plateau State on Sunday as a retaliation to the killing of their 300 cows, are yet to be apprehended by the state’ s security agencies.

Soyinka according to whirlwindnews.com, counselled the President to stop complaining of the people’s misgiving about his treatment of the situation, saying he had not done enough to dispel their assumption of siding with the herdsmen.

“Buhari had yet to speak in the language that these murdering herdsmen understand – simply, that forceful seizure of land will not be tolerated in any part of a federation under his governance.

“That the temporary acquisition of weapons of mass elimination by any bunch of psychopaths and anachronistic feudal mentality will not translate into subjugation of a people and a savaging of their communities. That any such gains are illusory and temporary and will be reversed.

“The plaint of ‘injustice’ is a misjudgment of the injustice done directly to the victims, and vicariously to the rest of us who turn to the news with dread every day, wondering what new stomach-churning accounts of the gory agenda on their humanity will replace the normal concourse of humanity,” Soyinka said.

By Augustine Akhilomen


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