Explosion kills 18, injures 70 in NW Syria


Blast in City of Idlib, northwestern Syria killed at least 18 people and injured 70 others, Syrian oppositions media ‘Enab Baladi’ reported.

The media claimed that the blast in Zardana Town caused by Russian warplanes.

This is while Russia has denied involvement in any aerial bombardment targeting Idleb Province.

All of the so-called ‘The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ and the ‘The White Helmets’ statements regarding an alleged Russian airstrike yesterday night near Zardana town in Idlib Province are ‘untrue, do not correspond to reality,’ a statement published on the Russian Defense Ministry’s website said.

Instead, the ministry cited information that “fierce battles took place between the large group of the terrorist organization Jebhat Al Nusra and the irreconcilable group Jaysh al-Ahrar, using heavy artillery weapons, in the specified area of Idlib Province.”

Idlib is a city in northwestern Syria, capital of the Idlib Governorate, 59 kilometers southwest of Aleppo.


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