Celebrations, Tears As Saudi Arabia Overturns Ban On Women Driving

Celebrations, tears as Saudi Arabia overturns ban on women driving
Celebrations, tears as Saudi Arabia overturns ban on women driving

Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal has shared a video of his daughter driving as women celebrate the lifting of a ban allowing them to drive for the first time.

The billionaire prince, who is one of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud’s nephews, set up a foundation which is described on its website as being dedicated to supporting women’s empowerment among other things.

“Finally, first ride with my daughter @Reem_Alwaleed while she’s driving me and my grand daughters in Riyadh,” he tweeted after the ban was lifted.

There was a real sense of excitement in the air at the stroke of midnight with women legally able to get behind the wheel – campaigners for women drivers have been jailed over the years for breaking the law in protest.

On Sunday, Rima Jawdet took us for a drive around the streets of the capital Riyadh and told us of the sense of empowerment and independence it gives her.

Now she can driver herself to work – or anywhere she wants to go.

As we drove around there were waves from some male drivers which delighted Rima.
She said: “Honestly I’m so happy about this decision.

“It’s an amazing experience. I went for a drive at midnight when the ban was lifted and this morning you can see how people are very happy.

“They’re very supportive. You can see from the streets everyone is so happy. You can feel the vibe.

“When I first got my licence most of the reaction was positive with people encouraging us to drive. Even if there are some people who aren’t happy with it I believe the support that we got was a lot more.”

On social media dozens of women across the country post videos of themselves driving.


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